1. Without logging in, you can also place an order via Paypal online directly.


2. It would be easier for you to reorder if your order is placed with an account.

    (There is a button "reorder" beside the cancelled order or the previous order.)


3. After 6 of unsuccessful attempts to login, CAPTCHA will display in case your password is cracked by hacker. If CAPTCHA displays, please fill in the right symbols. If you can't fill in the right symbols, you can have a try after a while or place the order without an account.


4. After 10 of unsuccessful attempts to login, the account will be locked. It will automatically be unlocked after 10 minutes.


5. reCAPTCHA will maybe display if you try to login from another computer/IP. So when you try to login, please wait the page to display all information including the CAPTCHA or reCAPTCHA.

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